What is Miniature Gardening?

It’s just like a full-sized garden but it’s miniature, a ton of fun, a LOT cuter AND you can take it with you!

Small scale trees and plants are combined with in-scale accessories and patios to make a real, living garden in miniature that can grow and weave itself together for years – just like a full sized garden.

Miniature gardens can be grown in a container, or in-ground in a garden bed, with minimal care. When planted correctly, (it’s not hard to do!) the plants and trees stay in scale with each other to create a sustainable, true garden in miniature.

“Minimal care” really means it will need regular watering and the garden will need some transplanting, dividing and, depending upon the plant, some pruning – maybe. It’s a garden so it will grow and change with the seasons.


Looking to Get the ‘Garden’ in Your Fairy Garden?


You’ve come to the RIGHT place!

Fairies are more than welcome in our miniature gardens. In fact, if you are looking to create a really enchanting scene for your little winged-friends, look no further.

The Secret: It’s the garden that makes a fairy garden delight, captivate and charm anyone who sees it!

More About Miniature Gardening

It’s just like full-sized gardening but in mini!

You still grow and plant and weed and water and groom… but in miniature! You can do it all year long and play anytime.

Minimal chores take minutes and you never have to break a sweat and still get the bragging rights that you built a garden of your very own!

It’s gardening AND crafting in one incredibly creative hobby!

This pastime encompasses a BUNCH of different crafting techniques that you can practice or learn while enjoying this hobby:

  • gardening
  • growing bonsai
  • mini-making
  • customizing
  • woodworking
  • mosaics
  • collecting
  • sculpting
  • model making
  • … and there’s more!

It’s VERY adaptable.

  • A miniature garden can be 4-inches long, or 40 feet long.
  • It can be built in a pot or in-ground in a garden bed.
  • Grow one indoors or outdoors.
  • And a miniature garden can be grown in almost any kind of climate!

It’s extremely rewarding and satisfying!

Unlike the dollhouse miniature, bonsai hobby or the railroad garden hobby, a miniature garden can be started and finished within the hour, or within the afternoon!

AND you get to garden too! Add a plant, transplant, decorate or simply enjoy your wee world anytime…



Enjoy all the tips, techniques, dos and don’ts of miniature gardening from our 24-years of expertise in researching and developing this new hobby.

  • LEARN as you go. We’ve done the research for you.
  • EMBARK on a weekend project with the right plants & advice.
  • ENJOY the essence of armchair miniature gardening.
  • PREPARE for your next mini garden adventure!
  • GET GARDENING in your big, small or in-ground project!

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