What are Miniature Garden Plants?

“Miniature garden plants” are often misunderstood by the average garden-center-worker so we need to speak their language to find the ones that work for our hobby.

If you just ask for “miniature garden plants” you’ll probably be directed to plants with cute names or colorful-leaved plants. This is still a new hobby and many professional gardeners have yet to understand what we do here when we are gardening in miniature.

No worries! We’ve got you AND we understand you – because we are miniature gardeners too.


About Mini Garden
Bedding Plants

Just like a full-sized garden, our mini gardens need an understory, or layers, to create a cohesive garden design albeit tiny!

We pair our miniature trees and shrubs with small-leafed, slow-growing ground covers (we like to call them miniature bedding plants) that have the same light, water and placement requirements as the trees for a healthy and happy gardening in mini.

What to Look For – Bedding Plants:

– Small-leafed ground covers
– Small-leafed sedums
– Rockery plants – slow-growing
– Alpine plants (naturally small and slow growing)
– Miniature or Dwarf Perennials


About Mini Garden
Trees & Shrubs

The miniature garden trees and shrubs that we recommend for this new hobby are called “dwarf” and “miniature.” These two terms describe the growth rate of the plant, not the mature size. These plants will still grow but they grow slowly enough that we can enjoy them in a miniature garden setting sometimes for years before needing repotting.

What to Look For – Trees and Shrubs:

– Miniature or Dwarf Conifers
– Baby trees and shrubs – preferably in 4” pots
– Pre-bonsai trees (once they get “bonsai’d” they price goes way up)

About Indoor Miniature Gardens:

The selection is somewhat limited for indoor miniature gardening simply because a lot of indoor plants don’t look like miniature versions of the full-sized plants and trees we see in our full-sized landscapes and gardens.

It is, after all, we are aiming for a garden IN miniature.

But we’ve been miniature gardening for well over 2 decades now and have found some viable solutions for an indoor garden in miniature.

More About Indoor Miniature Plants

  • Indoor plants are tropical plants that like to stay 60 degrees or above, all year long. So, NO. Not all plants will work in your indoor environment.
  • Small-leaved perennial plants and succulents do well in an indoor environment.
  • Also look for indoor conifers and baby trees that mimic full-size trees.