About Miniature Fairy Gardens

The term “miniature fairy gardens” has become quite popular in recent years but it’s not quite accurate. The hobbies of “miniature gardening” and “fairy gardening” are separate and different – besides the fact that fairies are already miniature so calling them “miniature fairies” is just redundantly redundant. :o)

What is the Difference Between
Miniature Gardening & Fairy Gardening?

It’s the focus.

Miniature gardening focuses on the garden. Choosing trees and plants that are in scale and stay in scale, combined with in-scale patios and miniature furniture, to create a true replica of a real garden in miniature.

Fairy gardening is focused on the fairies. With the recent trend, the garden part of the hobby took a backseat to the fairies and the focus was on the fairy’s comfort, lifestyle and security through all kinds of houses and accessories. Unfortunately, the garden aspect has been ignored, frightfully so – the fairies still need the trees and plants, it’s where they live.

Miniature Gardening for Fairies

If you’re building a little world for your fairies and don’t necessarily need it to look perfectly realistic, you can certainly do what every fits your fancy.

BUT the latest trend of just putting fairy accessories in a pot full of soil with one, or no plants! – will simply not have the charm and enchantment that you’re looking for.

Adding more accessories and houses to your scene won’t add any magic. In fact, a cluttered pot full of fairy houses and accessories will only invite young children in. It’s the garden-part that draws most people into the scene.

It’s really the “other worldliness” of the flora, where fairies would actually dwell, that will create the fairy magic that you are looking for.