About Miniature Garden Patios and Pathways

The miniature patio works in tandem with the miniature accessories in cinching the scale. Without a patio or pathway, the miniature will look lost and out of place next to your plants – or like a child’s toy left behind in the dirt.

By including an authentic miniature patio, along with the mini plants, trees, and a miniature or two, it completes the scene for the viewer. It makes the mini garden scene look more-deliberate, or purposeful, so it doesn’t look like an accident.

It’s also important to have authentic materials – or at least authentic-looking materials as it doesn’t make the mini garden look realistic, it IS real. Use small flagstones that match in size, tiny micro pebbles or miniature high-fired bricks for an easy way to achieve the enchantment you’re looking for.

What Size of Patio Materials Do I Need?

The size or scale of your garden will dictate the size of patio materials you use. To decide what scale you’ll be using by follow these guidelines: 

  • One-inch scale (Large-sized) for any pot larger than 8″ or in-ground.
  • Half-inch (Medium-sized) accessories for any pot under 8″ across.
  • Quarter-inch (Small-sized) for 4″ or less.

Once you have the scale that you’ll be working in, you can go ahead and visualize the scale of the patio materials you’ll need, or get out the ruler and do the math. You can also picture stepping on the bricks, stone, or gravel with your own feet and you can get an idea of the approximate size without needing a ruler.

“Eye-Balling it” – To estimate the size, think of a brick that averages 8 inches long. Compare that to a 9-inch-long human foot (average), scale it down to 1-inch scale, (1′ = 1″) and you can see that a brick in one-inch-scale should measure a little over 1/2 inch long.

Measuring Square Inches:
– Length x Width = Square Inches

Example: I have a mini patio that is 3″ x 7″ which equals 21 square inches.

Why Do You Need a Miniature Patio or Path?


From the Miniature Garden Society:

“To ensure the realism that creates enchantment, these critical elements are necessary: plants, accessories, and a patio or pathway.

The planned, intentional aspect of a patio or walkway immediately signals to the viewer that this is no ordinary planting in a pot, teasing them to come in for a closer view. Hard-scapes-in-mini also convey the scale of the garden, and lend an important contrast to plantings, providing a pleasing depth to your small-scaled garden design.

Paths can be especially alluring. Just a hint of a walkway triggers curiosity—just a few stones or miniature pavers can do the trick. A surprise at the path’s end rewards the viewer: a quiet bench beside a birdbath, a chair next to a tiny stump table, or a pond made with a piece of tumbled blue glass and a wee frog.

Knowing the choices for patio materials, where to find them, and how they should be installed helps ensure easy success.”