About Miniature Garden Accessories

If you are just learning about miniatures, building and playing in a miniature garden is a great way to begin your journey into this huge hobby.

Collectively, miniatures are, quite possibly, the biggest hobby in the world if you include dollhouse miniatures, railroading, war gaming, Barbie, GI-Joe, Polly Pocket-style toys, the latest trend of Mini-Brands – and I’ve probably missed some!

But with this new hobby of gardening in miniature, with the main focus being on the garden, it’s the miniatures – the tiny accessories and the wee patio –  that tell the story and the scale. Without them, it’s just plants in a pot.

How we use miniatures in our gardens:

  • MATCH all your accessories in scale. It’s the accessory that will tell the scale to the viewer. The plants will fall into scale by themselves.
  • Not all miniatures are suitable for the living miniature garden so if you can’t afford to lose it, don’t use.
  • The best mini garden accessories are the ones that weather gracefully and still look like an authentic miniature.
  • All things age outside so don’t expect your brand new miniature to stay brand new if its living outdoors. (Even the sun fades the paint on cars!) Instead, enjoy the process and adapt your scene or theme as your miniatures age.
  • Use the smaller scales for smaller scenes as they get lost in large pots.
    • One-inch scale (Large-sized) for any pot larger than 8″ or in-ground.
    • Half-inch (Medium-sized) accessories for any pot under 8″ across.
    • Quarter-inch (Small-sized) for 4″ or less.

The best time to buy a miniature that you are in love with is when you see it! Making a good garden miniature is a specialized skill that is rare. What is available today, may not be available tomorrow.

Delightful Imagination

Here’s an excerpt from our Miniature Garden Society page on miniature accessories:

“A realistic miniature garden accessory is necessary to cinch the scene in a miniature garden.

If you saw a photo of a well-done mini garden, at first glance you’d swear that is full-sized, just waiting for a person to enter the scene. As you realize the garden’s plants and patio are miniatures too, the enchantment is complete.

As long as the accessories are realistic and in-scale, you can rely on them to cinch the scene. This attention to accessory-detail and authenticity is what creates the enchantment—that “Ahhhh!” moment—of a successful miniature garden.  Without that birdbath and mini patio to help the viewer understand the scene is shrunken-down, they are just plants in a pot.

And it’s within that play, between life-size and miniature scale, lies a world brimming with delight and imagination.”


About Miniature Scales We Use

The easiest way to explain how the difference sizes of miniatures work in a miniature garden is to show you!

Check out this video and watch how the size of the accessories cinch the scale of the mini garden.