Miniature Perennial Borders with

Perennials Ideas for Your Miniature Garden or Fairy Garden

I love perennial plants – full-sized and in miniature. Once you get them established, they pretty much just give and give with little maintenance save for watering when it’s dry, and cutting back the plant when it needs it. That’s it. Done. I love them. Lol!

Here’s tour of our new miniature perennial border that we’ve been developing in one of our larger miniature gardens here at our studio in Seattle, Wa. Click the photo of the plant to see it in our online store.

Miniature Perennial Borders with

Geranium lover alert! This is a true miniature Geranium (Geranium sanguineum ‘Minutum’) and the leaves are so tiny – the perfect scale for us! Flowers are much bigger but we’ll forgive that because they are flowers. Lol! Sun to part sun, hardy to -20F, an outdoor plant. 

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Miniature Perennial Borders with

Miniature Goldenrod! The full-sized plant is often blamed for causing allergic symptoms but it the Ragweed, that blooms at the same time, that is the culprit. This one is darling though: easy care hardy to 20F. Sun to part sun. Spreads slowly. An outdoor plant.

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Miniature Perennial Borders with

These young shoots of Dwarf Mondo Grass were a bit taxed with the recent summer weather we’ve been having. April was our warmest month on record ever! The Dwarf Mondo Grass is very versatile. It seem to be able to grow in any kind of light and even indoors (well, except the random heat waves in early spring.) Water it until it’s established in the garden bed. Trim or gently pluck the yellowing leaves off once there are plenty of new green growth. Remove any dead leaves when you see it. Hardy to 0F. 

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Miniature Perennial Borders with

White ground cover Thyme is nestled in between a wee Hosta and the toad. White Thyme as green leaves with a green stem. It will flower in early summer and probably need dividing next spring because the bed is so skinny. Not edible and doesn’t smell like the herb. Hardy to -20F, part shade to full sun. Drought tolerant when established in-ground. An outdoor plant.

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Miniature Perennial Borders with

One of our new and darling miniature Hostas, the Shining Tot. Another plant that got a little stressed after that random heatwave in April – but it will bounce back. The new leaves will flush out and I’ll trim off the yellowing leaves then. The lavender colored flower shoots up about 4 inches. Shade. Hardy to -40F (!) Drought tolerant. An outdoor plant. 

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Miniature Perennial Borders with

The tree is a Japanese Holly “in bud” – meaning it is just about to flower. They have the TINIEST flowers in pale green and if the plant is very happy, some of the flowers will turn to green (inedible) berries. Cool sun or part sun, water when top of soil is dry, hardy to -20F, an outdoor plant.

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Miniature Perennial Borders with

The entire border is about 12 inches long. The permanent patio was created with our Mini Patio Mix Kit and the new Coral Shell Stone Sheet.

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Made-in -the-USA cedar trellis here.
Green Birdbath here.
Gray Grapevine Birdbath here.
Toad Statue here.

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Miniature Perennial Borders with