Garden Made: a new book of crafty garden fun!

A brand new book by uber crafter-gardener-blogger, Stephanie Rose of Garden Therapy [dot ca] will keep your creative juices flowing all year long.


40 Ways to Crafty Garden Made Fun

The brand new book by fellow miniature gardener, Stephanie Rose of Vancouver, Canada, will need a permanent space next to your workbench. Garden Made: A Year of Seasonal Projects to Beautify Your Garden & Your Life will definitely keep your creative juices flowing and your workbench jam-packed with year-round inspiration.

The book is made up of 40 different projects that blend the joy of crafting with the fun of gardening. It’s divided into the four seasons although a lot of the projects can be done anytime and/or modified for an occasion or special holiday. The ideas range in difficulty, as well as the time needed to do them, so you can pick a project on a whim for a rainy Sunday afternoon or pre-plan for a more involved project to tinker with over a long weekend.

Garden Made: a new book of crafty garden fun!

We miniaturized the Rock Spider Sculptures project found on page 124. Once the fine wire was twisted on the tiny rock, we put a dab of crazy glue on the wire-knot to keep them in place. When dry, bend the legs carefully half-way up with a flat-nosed pliers. Add a little flair at the tips of the legs like Stephanie recommended to. Way fun.


Stephanie has included something for everyone too: many of the projects can be easily adapted for children of all ages, like the Bird’s Nest Helpers or the Flower Pounding. And other projects, like creating a Four Element Candle Trough or a Trash-to-Treasure Solar Chandelier (my favorite!) can easily quench an advanced crafter’s thirst for a good DIY. Find more miniature projects inside the book that include Sand Art Terrariums, Hanging Glass Terrariums and more!

Why a full-sized crafting book on the
Mini Garden Guru blog?
Because creativity has babies!

Being creative in all aspects of your life will make you more creative when you get down to the real work of miniature gardening. Besides, it’s really fun exploring full-sized project ideas, to see what fun you can work into miniature!  

Garden Made: a new book of crafty garden fun!

Stephanie uses full-sized teapots by drilling them (drilling instructions are in the book!) Miniaturize the idea with doll’s tea sets that don’t need drilling. The Sedum cuttings will last for a few weeks with a dash of water now and then.  These would make really fun gifts for your dinner guests to take home. Or create a fun tea party theme for kids with this idea.

Garden Made: a new book of crafty garden fun! Stephanie is a renaissance woman that holds down a very popular website called Garden Therapy – a website chock-full of even more ideas for crafting with and for children, cooking, baking, canning, and just about anything that is cross-pollinated with the garden, food and crafting. Oh, and the beautiful photographs all through her book and her websites, yea – those are hers too. I told you she was a renaissance woman! And yes, I do stalk her around the Internet to see what she is up to. Lol! See more of her work here.

Find the new Garden Made book here: A Year of Seasonal Projects to Beautify Your Garden & Your Life through our Amazon store here.

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