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Miniature Tiki Party Garden

Hey, Steve found a Tiki Man!! He’s a bit big though. We’re still celebrating  our 5000 Facebook milestone last week. See last week’s blog post for more party pictures.

How to Change the World One Miniature Garden at a Time

I believe that everyone is creative. When confronted with someone who denies it, I am able to point out their creativity by asking them what they do for pleasure – and that usually illustrates my point. So. I look for concrete facts on the topic every-so often, and just happened to I stumble across a video of creativity expert Sir Ken Robinson on

A Tiki Man!

Steve found this guy for the Tiki Garden Party.

Sir Ken challenges the way we’re educating our children. He champions a radical rethink of our school systems to cultivate creativity and to acknowledge multiple types of intelligence and ways of learning. He points out the sample principle that Einstein once said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” But the good Sir explains it further in his engaging, joking manner in this video from one of his TED talks.

“Creativity now is as important in education as literacy and we should treat it with the same status.”

His premise is this: What we learned in school 20 years ago did not equip us for the world that we live in now. We had to learn to adapt, change, invent, produce and grow throughout the years to be able to navigate the world that we live in right now. In other words, we had to be creative. Sir Ken goes further to explain the importance of teaching creativity to children now, so they can have the necessary tools to live in the world of the future.

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A Miniature Tiki Bar

The A miniature tiki bar was put together with hot-glue because I’m not going to let it get wet. I rubbed the wood underneath with artist’s charcoal to blend in with the driftwood.

“Children starting school this year, will be retiring in 2065. Nobody has a clue, has any idea, despite all the expertise …of what will happen in 5 years time.”

We get educated out of creativity. So much class time is spent on the sciences and maths, and not enough time is spent on exercising our creative muscles. The children aren’t learning to adapt.

And, guess what? This is where YOU come in!

How? Be a show off.

Show off your creativity to the young kids around you. Show them how much fun you are having building your miniature gardens and keep mentioning it, keep bringing it up, drag them over to see your gardens and invite them to come closer. Use some of your older accessories in the front garden beds by the sidewalk for all to see and visit. Make little vignettes, or larger miniature garden scenes throughout the front garden bed. You’ll not only be showing off your expertise, you’ll be showing them how fun a garden can be. Why not? It’s all in the name of creativity and hey, you can change the world one miniature garden at a time.

And here’s the TED talk, it’s quite funny too. Click here to go the website.

{TED is an non-profit organization dedicated to “Ideas Worth Sharing” which now includes an ongoing annual series of global-wide conferences and a heavy online presence through their website at If you love to learn, you’ll love this site – there’s a ton of free entertainment on there.}

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