Miniature Garden Tiki Party

It’s a miniature garden tiki party!! Enter your photo on our Facebook fanpage for a chance to win a set of Tiki decorations for your mini garden!

5000+ Fellow Miniature Gardeners Growing on Facebook!!

Over 5000 fans on Facebook – and the number is still growing.

Sometimes I get so lost in the day-to-day workings of the online store, blog and website that I forget about why I do what I do. Laney, friend and fellow miniature gardener from Mississippi, reminded me last night on my Facebook page how much I make so many people happy. That really hit home and it actually made me start to tear-up. And truth be told, I teared-up again writing a thank you message on my Facebook page! (What a softie, eh?)

Without you guys, our fellow miniature gardeners, I don’t know where we would be and I don’t know what we would be doing. So thank you for giving us a job, keeping us off the streets and for helping Steve and I make a living bringing happiness to others. It makes all the boring and frustrating parts of the working-on-the-internet more than bearable.

Over 5000 Likes on Facebook!

Enjoy almost daily posts on the Two Green Thumbs Miniature Garden Facebook Fanpage! We try to keep it interesting and inspiring!

To help us celebrate we are having a Facebook photo contest for the next week. We are giving away three sets of miniature tiki party decorations that you can add to your miniature garden, like the ones shown in the photo. (The combination of colors and driftwood pieces will vary.)

Win Miniature Tiki Party Decorations!

Win a set of Miniature Tiki Party Decorations! (Color combinations and driftwood pieces will vary.

How to Enter

1. We want to see your miniature garden party pictures! It can be any type of party. it can be small, large, potted or planted in-ground as long as it’s a party.

2. Go to the  Two Green Thumbs Miniature Garden Center page on Facebook and “like” us on Facebook if you aren’t already.

3. Add your photo to the Facebook page, it’ll automatically go into the photo album and you’ll be entered in for your chance to win.

You may enter more than once as long as it’s a different miniature garden in each photo.

Here’s a blog on how to photograph your miniature garden to help you hone your miniature garden photography skills. Have fun, good luck and the winner of the winners of the contest will be picked next Monday, August 26th.

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Miniature Tiki party at night.

Miniature Tiki party at night. We used our white miniature christmas lights (found them a JoAnn Fabrics and/or Michaels Crafts in their small holiday tree section.) Now, we’re just missing one of those miniature wood tiki carvings…