Melanie's Miniature Garden

Nemo’s Miniature Garden. Melanie and her husband found a baby box turtle last spring and create a habitat for him – miniature garden style!

Turtle Envy: Melanie’s Miniature Garden

When Melanie emailed us pictures of her miniature garden the other week, we sat and giggled – and then we wanted our own turtle. Here is her story of Miniature Gardening with Nemo down in Louisiana.

“My husband and I found a baby box turtle last spring. We’ve experimented with many different habitats. Our first one did not allow sufficient drainage. While we were at work, there came a downpour, when we arrived home we found our baby turtle hanging on by the eave of his modified bird-turtle house just a paddling – so we named him “Nemo.” To celebrate Nemo’s second spring with us we created a new home for him. My love of miniature gardening also provides a whimsical habitat for Nemo.”

I consider this a very good reason to move to Louisiana. ;o)

Melanie's Miniature Garden

Turtle’s need a cool place to go when so they built a wee hollow for Nemo to take shelter in.

Turtles need proper care and diet just like dogs and cats do. There are a number of different kinds of turtles, and each one is a bit different in their needs. Here is a website that takes you through the different kinds of pet turtles here. Here’s a website with more information – and way more experience that we have on raising turtles – right here.

Melanie's Miniature Garden

I wonder what he thinks of his garden? I wonder if turtles think? Lol! You can see the white edges of the big tub that Melanie and her husband made into Nemo’s habitat on the top and bottom of the photo. Drill containers like this so the rainwater can drain freely. A bigger hole in the bottom will let the critters and bugs into the container from the ground – and more food for Nemo too!

It appears that our miniature garden pond is a good watering hole for Nemo although it not is necessarily “food-safe.” The large Lagoon shape has a ledge that helps the turtle walk in and out of the pond easily. Turtles need their water changed daily to keep it free from contaminants that may get the wee turtle sick.

Melanie's Miniature Garden

Melanie’s other Miniature Garden. Do you think Nemo sees the grass as greener over here? ;o)

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