Earth Day in the Miniature Garden

A continuation of our Miniature Garden Series – Happy Earth Day, Mother Earth!

Earth Day in the Miniature Garden

If you are new to this super-fun series, we are in the process of creating at least twelve different themes for the same miniature garden this year. See what we’ve come up with to celebrate Earth Day today.

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Earth Day in the Miniature Garden

What else do you put in your miniature garden for Earth Day except more earth-lovin’ plants?

Need some tips for ways to help the Earth? It’s also a great way to refresh your memory of the many different ways you can help us help ourselves: the Environmental Protection Agency’s website is here:

Earth Day in the Miniature Garden

We got the globe from a tube of animal toys made by Safari Ltd. Find the “Toobs” at your local toy store. Steve glued it to a skewer so we could mount it in the garden.

Earth Day in the Miniature Garden

Happy Earth Day!

Where to find the items shown:

The plants in this container, counterclockwise from the bottom, front:
– Hens and Chicks
– Wooly Thyme
– Silver Mist Lily Turf
– Blue Moon Sawara Cypress
– Miniature Juniper – the ‘Compressa’ variety or  the ‘Minitaure’  variety works. ~>  Find them here.
(Note that all plants are not available at all times.)

Find the miniature garden decks here. Made of cedar, they come in “L” shaped too.

Find the tan colored bench here. Available in gray and ivory colors too.

Find the wee gnome here.

Find the Made in the USA birdhouse. Available in purple too.

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Earth Day in the Miniature Garden