Miniature Gardening at the NWFGS
Preparing for the Marie Antoinette Display at the Northwest Flower and Garden Show this weekend. This is a tiny Hameau for one of our display gardens – the young French Queen sought solace in her faux cottages and farm buildings set up around the palace grounds that make delicious fodder for the miniature gardens!

Miniature Gardening at the
Northwest Flower & Garden Show

~ Saddle up! We are going on a visual romp of the Private Realm of Marie Antoinette – and then some!

That’s our theme for our annual display at the Northwest Flower and Garden Show in Seattle this coming week. This year we are bringing you a taste of this young Queen’s inner life.

Did you know what she was a plant-nut as well as a trend setter and fashionista? Neither did we until we dug deeper into her … private realm – ! Lol!

Two Green Thumbs Miniature Garden Center

So, this is the first of the series for this long week ahead. I’m going to try to do one a day and show not only our display work, but I’ll take you into show to see what kinds miniature gardening we can find now that this trend is upon us. It’ll be nice to have some company in this niche, it’s our 9th year doing a display and more than not, we were the only ones with miniature gardens – plugging along… Lol! But I bet that changes this year!

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And here’s the start of your visual romp! (I just wanted to say that again.)

Miniature Gardening at the NWFGS
Planning, planning, planning. We start with a lot of ideas and the ones that are doable eventually emerge as the deadline draws closer.
Miniature Gardening at the NWFGS
Bruce, a friend that we were working with, paints the backdrop as Steve horses around. Humor is a required ingredient in doing these shows!
Miniature Gardening at the NWFGS
Marie Antoinette created a faux farm and had her servants tie ribbons on the sheep, clean the eggs in the chicken coop and even created fake rivers and ponds for her swans. Oh to be a Queen!
Miniature Gardening at the NWFGS
Bruce’s painting on the backdrop to bring some Chinoiserie (a fancy word for Chinese-style) into the display. Marie Antoinette was heavily influenced by the new furniture, art and decor from China during the late 1700s.

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