Miniature Garden Pond

The new medium-sized pear shaped pond snuggled into the pot quickly and easily. Surround it with a few “boulders” to make it blend in.

Mini Garden News: New Plants, New Accessories for the New Hobby

Whew! There is nothing like a book deal to throw a wrench in your work week. I really hate when that happens! Lol!

Yeah, ya caught me – I didn’t have time to blog for weeks now and I do feel bad about it. Blog ideas have been piling up in my brain though so know that I have thought about you! We got a ton of stuff done, Steve and I, but to have a quiet moment to write a short blog? Whassatabout?

So, in an effort to make up for it, I have added some more brand-new-never-existed-before-ever miniature garden accessories, re-stocked a bunch of old favorite miniature and dwarf trees and shrubs in our store.

Miniature Garden Lagoon

I think I need a monkey for this Miniature Garden Lagoon.

Miniature Garden Pond

The new small-sized Miniature Garden Pond.


Brand spankin’ new Two Green Thumbs Miniature Garden Ponds are modeled after the real thing. The ponds were designed by me (Janit) are made for the living miniature garden, but they can work for the dollhouse garden too. They come in three different sizes and can work with all different miniature scales.

The shapes are very fun to work with: a small kidney shape, the medium size is a pear-shape and the large one, pictured above in the tropical garden, we call the lagoon. Made of resin, the ponds are weatherproof, can hold water and install quickly and easily. The realism and detail are nicely done – a simple solution that looks great in any miniature garden situation.

Tansu Japanese Cedar

The Tansu Japanese Cedar (Cryptomeria japonica ‘Tansu’) is a favorite for the miniature garden with its delicate looking foliage and irregular shape. Perfect for a sunny spot with evenly damp soil.

Plant Favorites

Butter Ball Hinoki Cypress

The lacy, colorful foliage of the Butter Ball Hinoki Cypress.

There’s a ton of information out there these days, so you might want to rely on the tried and true to start your journey into the garden. We are restocked with a few of our trusted favorites – you’ll find something in there for all types of miniature gardens. The Blue Pygmy Juniper is terrific for sun and loves sharp draining soil, the Horsford Canada Hemlock is real cutie for tiny, shaded gardens with the cutest little trunk in the nursery. The Variegated Boxwood is perfect for indoors. You’ll find slow-growing dwarf Hinokis, Japanese Holly and dwarf Arborvitaes too.

Miniature Garden Rose Trellis

Miniature Garden Rose Trellis, design by Janit for the living miniature garden.

Miniature Garden Bean Pole

The Miniature Garden Bean Pole looks great with or without plants on it.

More New Designs

I love it when a plan comes together. Check out the new Rose Trellis and Bean Pole, the latest addition to the Two Green Thumbs line. Designed by me and are specifically made for the living miniature garden. Sturdy metal painted copper can be seen against the greens of the plants.

Ponds, horses, tiny trees and bean poles. Where else are you going to get this kind of news? ;o)

Checkout the rest of our New and Back-In-Stock Department in the online store here.

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