Focusing on the lighter side of life with a Sedum Ogon start and a fun rubber duckie on a pedestal. Pot is 4 inches wide.

A reminder to focus on the lighter side of life with a Sedum Ogon start and a fun rubber duckie on a pedestal. Pot is 4 inches wide. 

A Garden For All: Miniature Dream Gardens

By Janit Calvo
July 15, 2009

When writing for this blog last week, I started to write about memorial gardens. The idea came from the number of celebrity icons that passed away this spring and summer, and I was trying to put together ideas to commemorate them.

The article was lacking, I got depressed, I never sent it to my editor, and thus, it never got published. Thus, a big gaping hole in my bloggin’! What I needed was a rap on the noggin’ (I couldn’t resist that one!)

As I sat down to write this one and tried to pick up where I left off, it occurred to me that memorial gardens can be much more than a remembrance of a loved one. The word memorial has different meanings, from honoring a person or event, to celebrating the same.

One of’s definitions of the word memorial: “Of, relating to, or being in memory.”

Years ago, a friend always wore her hair long but one day appeared with it cut short. When asked why the change, she said, “Because I want to remember that I want to change. Now, when I look in the mirror each morning, I’ll remember that I have made the choice, and to follow through with it.”

What a wonderful way to make a pact with yourself, eh?

Memory boards offer the same idea: a scrapbook for the wall to remember a fun vacation so you can easily share your experience with others – and to remember all those fun feelings and laughter too.

Dream boards, or vision boards, are the exact same idea except that you are remembering your future dreams to keep them in the forefront of your focus, so you can work on them everyday. Little steps lead to big changes.

Why can’t we do the same with our miniature gardens? Any theme can be worked into a miniature garden and, since we dote on them and love them dearly, why not make them into something a bit more? Create a little memory of your dreams and aspirations so you can stay focused.

Are you dreaming and scheming about a trip to France? Make a little French garden with a pond in the center and miniature pebble pathways radiating out from it. Use groundcover thyme for your miniature hedges and trim them up, and maybe a wee boxwood tree to anchor the back bed.

Focusing on the lighter side of life? Put something silly on top of a miniature pedestal and place it in your mini garden.

Dreaming of a family? Create a wee garden full of life with kid’s wagon, garden tools, a barbecue and a maybe a miniature version of your future dog.

A garden can be many things: a hobby, a vocation, an entertainment center, a laboratory, a playroom, or an escape from the stress of everyday life. It can also be a place to remember your dreams and desires ~ and a place to put your dreams while your working on them.