Welcome to the World’s Newest Hobby:
Miniature Gardening

“There is no other pastime as diverse, adaptable and accessible as gardening in miniature.”

A miniature garden is just that: a garden in miniature. It’s built with tiny trees, wee shrubs and small-leafed perennial “bedding plants,” a patio to-scale and perhaps a little stone bench, so you can sit and stay awhile…

You’ll find the term “miniature garden” used to define all kinds of small ways to garden small, but, this is true gardening in miniature.

There really isn’t any other way to describe it.

So, we’re owning it…


Grow Outdoors…


Or in-ground!

It’s Gardening and Crafting
on a Whole ‘Nother Level!


It’s like a dollhouse but without the house, the expense, the space and the multiple learning curves it takes to build a real dollhouse in miniature.

It’s like railroad gardening but without steep learning curve, the trains, track, and the train accessories that can add-up in costs quite quickly.

It’s like bonsai without the high maintenance, but with the right trees that we recommend, you can grow a bonsai right in your miniature garden for years, that will impress your friends and neighbors.

It’s just like full-sized gardening, you still grow and plant and weed and water and groom… but in miniature! You can get your chores done in less than half an hour and you don’t have to break a sweat or pull out a shovel.

It’s gardening AND crafting in one incredibly creative hobby! This pastime touches all kinds of different crafting techniques: all kinds of mini-making, customizing, woodworking, mosaics, rock collecting, sculpting, model making PLUS all the joys of gardening and growing plants!

It’s VERY adaptable. A miniature garden can be 4-inches long, or 40 feet long. In a pot or in-ground. Indoors or outdoors. And a miniature garden can be grown in almost any kind of climate!

It’s extremely rewarding and satisfying! Unlike the dollhouse miniature hobby, the bonsai hobby or the railroad garden hobby, a miniature garden can be started and finished within the hour, or within the afternoon! You can go back and add a plant, transplant, decorate or simply enjoy your efforts anytime…

We Welcome Fairy Gardeners!

Have you found that no one is catering to the fairy garden hobby any more?

Yeah, we get you.

We knew long ago that this was a HOBBY not a trend despite our efforts to convince the garden industry…

For us, it was never about the fairy houses and the fairy accessories, it was always about the mini garden.

So, we’ve been helping fairy gardeners put the “garden” in their fairy gardens since we started in 2001.

Want to make a miniature garden worthy of any fairy you may meet?

Welcome, you’ve come to the right place.


What other hobby can offer so much, and be so little?

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