Welcome to the World’s Newest Way to Play:
Miniature Gardening

Love to garden?
Love to play with plants?
Love to craft?
Love cute things that make you giggle?


Dig in… we’ve been waiting for YOU!


BE the Ruler of All the Land! Okay, maybe that’s a bit extreme but you still can FEEL like the Ruler of All the Land with your own miniature garden. Just sayin’.

“Miniature gardening is that sweet spot where craft and gardening intersect at such an intimately creative place; it can spur your imagination like no other hobby.”

Janit Calvo


Why Miniature Gardening?

It’s the only garden hobby that you can do all year ’round. You can play IN your garden or ON your garden at anytime. Make a fence, build a hill, plant a tree… it’s not like any other hobby. Here’s more:

It’s like gardening but a lot easier! What takes an afternoon in the full sized garden can take minutes in miniature. Explore design principles, create your dream garden fantasies AND you can take it with you!

It’s like a dollhouse but without the huge expense, the dedicated space in your home, and the multiple learning curves that take years to perfect so the house looks — just okay.

It’s like railroad gardening but without the physics lessons, the mess in the backyard for months, the track maintenance, and the expensive car and train accessories that can add-up quite quickly.

It’s like bonsai without the high maintenance, nevermind the expense of killing trees as you learn this artform of growing small.

BUT with the trees that we recommend, you CAN grow a bonsai-looking tree right in your miniature garden for years, worthy enough to impress your friends and neighbors!

Welcome Fairy Gardeners!

But ONLY if you want to build and grow an authentic miniature garden for your fairies.

We’re different than most – we love to invite the fairies to our real gardens because that is where the enchantment is. 

It’s a real garden with real plants that grow – for real! So if you are interesting in getting your hands in the soil and growing small, this hobby is for YOU!

Okay, it’s for your fairies too. :o)

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